Allure Inc. SL

Veronica Krasner

Gender: Female
Rezzday: January 6th, 2007


My name is Veronica Krasner and I am a professional SL model available for print, live, runway and machinima jobs.

I began my modeling career nearly four years ago, about a year after rezzing in January of 2007, getting formal education at three different schools/academies: Instyle Modeling School, (September, 2008), AVENUE Models Academy (December, 2008) and GLANCE | Model Academy (April,2009).

I am proud to be represented nowadays by some of the most prestigious agencies over the grid.
I am also a model for Finesmith Designs, a live model for LeeZu Baxter Designs, machinima and print model for MyANIMATION and inspirational Muse 2012 for Bubble’s Designs brand.

I enjoy my modeling job and I take it very seriously and with a lot of commitment and responsibility, I also love helping with my work in any way I can and took part on several shows during the past years for different charity projects.

I love of fashion the possibility to be creative and allow my imagination to fly in any style, being formal, casual or avant garde.