Allure Inc. SL

Serene Faith

Gender: Female
In SL since: July 3, 2009


Hello! My name is Serene and I have been SL model since 2009.

I began modeling in SL not only because I love fashion, but I wanted to challenge something I couldn’t in RL.
I take modeling seriously because to designers and creators, this is their livelihood, and I approach my SL profession with respect and professionalism as I would give my RL work.

My greatest achievement in SL modeling is to be crowned Miss Virtual World 2011 and Miss Morea Style 2011.
I am punctual, respectful and easy to work with, at the same time fun and easy going:)

I love casual and elegant fashion but Second Life fashion gives us the opportunity to be playful and try new things and that is one of the many reasons I love SL so much!

Thank you