Allure Inc. SL

Seashell Dench

Gender: Female
Rezzday: Aug 22, 2007

Blog: Closet Disclosure

I’ve been a SL professional model since 2009.

Modeling for me is an art, a way to express feelings. The best thing about modeling is that I can convey not only my own, but also every designer’s emotions, by wearing and styling their creations the best I can.

My main goal? To keep on having a steady job as a model. To be able to keep working (I’m a runway addict *smiles*), always improving, always up to date.

As a model, I don’t have a “favorite style” per se. I love to dress up everyday according to how i feel that day, but you will rarely see me in a classic formal style, wearing gowns *smiles*.

My motto as a fashionista: keep it simple – less is more.